Boot Camp Ebook


  • 21 new, awesome recipes that will help you lose weight!
  • Calories and macros worked out for what you need! No cookie cutter plans.
  • Specific calorie and macro goals for days when you take a rest day, become sick, or have to miss a workout.
  • Specific calorie and macro goals for training days!
  • Optional fast food choice of the week that keep you on track.
  • TD Nation favorite recipes from V 1.0.
  • All meal plans include supplement recommendations to maximize your results and options for those that don’t use supplements.


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Get registered and ready to bring it in our next TD Nation Boot Camp – V2.0! This next round will start on January 11th, 2016. The cost for this $25 for the NEW V 2.0 BOOT CAMP EBOOK. That covers the cost of the eBook (V2.0) and an even greater level of coaching and accountability. Results keep pouring in and we had an average of over 2 lbs lost per week per person! That with over 500 members reporting!!! Still not a believer? You need to check out our Boot Camp Allstars or checkout the reviews below!!! If you are on the fence better get signed up! I still can’t believe you all achieved these results in 4 little weeks! So proud of everyone that survived the TD NationBoot Camp!

While Shakeology and a Beachbody program are NOT required I highly recommend them for maximum results. Our test group proved that you get the best results when combining Shakeology and a Beachbody program. That’s no accident! Get with your coach before you order so they can inform you of the best deals and the best programs for your fitness level. Remember too that if you order and you don’t like Shakeology or don’t get the results you were wanting you can return all of it for a full refund. Nothing to lose! If you’re thinking of ordering you need to get on that now so you have it before the 11th! If Shakeology or a program aren’t in your budget, that’s okay too. We’ll help you get your nutrition dialed in and we still promise results!

***Please fill in YOUR COACH’S NAME in the “Order Notes” Section upon check out.***


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